Epsiode 58-Montclair Sate University Social Media Project

June 9, 2017

This past spring, DEP partnered with Montclair State University’s Marketing Department to create a social media project for the Montclair students. The students were able to analyze 7 of DEP’s Facebook pages, give DEP’s social media administrators feedback, and create social media campaigns for Earth Week 2017. Now that the project is completed, Dr. Patrali Chatterjee and two of her students, Nathan Ellis and Rokhaya Fall, sat down with Bob Bostock to discuss this collaborative project and the positive outcomes it had both for DEP and Montclair State University.

To find out more about Montclair State University’s Feliciano School of Business, please visit https://business.montclair.edu/.

Click the links below to view the seven DEP Facebook pages that were a part of this project:

From left to right: Nathan Ellis, Dr. Patrali Chatterjee, Rokhaya Fall

Photo: (l-r) Nathan Ellis, Dr. Patrali Chatterjee, Rokhaya Fall