Discover DEP: the Official Podcast of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Episode 93-Perth Amboy Community Collaborative Initiative with Bill Lindner

April 6, 2018

In Discover DEP’s 6th episode, Frank McLaughlin told us about the Community Collaborative initiative and how it got its start in Camden. Now, the CCI has expanded to three additional cities across the state, which will be featured on the next few episodes. This episode will focus on Perth Amboy, the second city to join the initiative. Listen in as Gladys Giron sits down with Bill Lindner, single point of contact for Perth Amboy, to discuss DEP’s collaboration with this city, brownfield redevelopment projects such as 2nd Street Park, and the importance of partnerships in bringing innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges.

Learn more about CCI’s work in Perth Amboy here:

Listen to Frank McLaughlin’s episode on the Camden Collaborative Initiative here:


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