Episode 50-Bobcats in New Jersey with Gretchen Fowles

March 29, 2017

The bobcat is New Jersey’s only species of wild cat, and is listed as endangered in New Jersey. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife works with many partners across the state to make sure bobcats are getting the support they need in terms of protection from habitat fragmentation and vehicle strikes. Gretchen Fowles, Geographic Information Specialist within DEP’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, sits down with Bob Bostock to discuss the slow but sure comeback of the bobcat in the Garden State and the work that is being done to ensure its survival.



Episode 49-Women’s History Month with Magdalena Padilla

March 24, 2017

Since the first National Women’s History Month in March 1987, every year we recognize, honor and celebrate the achievements of American women. There has also been a continuous effort to bring and engage women in the STEM and environmental fields. In honor of Women’s History Month, Chief of Staff Magdalena Padilla sits down with three women who are making significant contributions to DEP. Leslie McGeorge, manager in the bureau of Freshwater and Biological Monitoring, Blanca Chevrestt, Swartswood State Park Superintendent, and Gladys Giron, Communications Assistant, discuss how the times have changed and the roles of women at DEP.

For more information on Swartswood State Park, please visit: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/parksandforests/parks/swartswood.html.

For more information on the New Jersey Chapter of the Society of Women Environmental Professionals, please visit http://www.njswep.org/.


Photo: (from left to right) Blanca Chevrestt, Leslie McGeorge, Magdalena Padilla, Gladys Giron


Episode 48-Well Owners’ ICU - Ensuring the Quality of our Water Supply with Drew Sites

March 17, 2017

New Jersey’s drinking water is regularly tested, and our water systems are clean and up to standard - less than 1% of public water systems incurred maximum contaminant levels or national exceedances in 2016. When anomalies do happen, particularly with private wells, our team here at DEP is ready to respond to these cases of Immediate Environmental Concern. Drew Sites, manager of the Immediate Concern Unit that is part of DEP’s Site Remediation Program, sits down with Bob Bostock to discuss how DEP responds when a New Jerseyan’s water source is not up to standard.

For more information on Immediate Environmental Concern cases, please visit http://www.nj.gov/dep/srp/guidance/IEC/.

To report an environmental incident impacting NJ, call 1-877-WARNDEP.

Drew Sites


Episode 47-Reptiles and Amphibians in Winter with Senior Zoologist Brian Zarate

March 10, 2017

Although winter is soon coming to a close, it is not yet over. New Jersey’s cold blooded animals have a unique set of challenges to deal with in the cold winter months, but they’ve developed ways to survive and thrive in conditions year-round. Brian Zarate, Senior Zoologist in the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Species Program, sat down with Bob Bostock to talk about how reptiles and amphibians adapt to the change of seasons in New Jersey.

For more information on reptiles and amphibians in New Jersey, please visit http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/ensp/herps_info.htm.



Episode 46-AmeriCorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors Program with Ismail Sukkar and Alexis Bowman

March 6, 2017

The AmeriCorps New Jersey Watershed Ambassadors Program is now in its 17th year and promotes watershed stewardship through education, direct community involvement and monitoring of stream health through visual and biological assessments. This week is AmeriCorps week and it is a time when individuals, programs and organizations honor and celebrate the contributions that the AmeriCorps volunteers make to their communities. In honor of AmeriCorps week, Ismail Sukkar and Alexis Bowman join Bob Bostock to talk to about their experience so far as Watershed Ambassadors and the projects that they are currently working on.

For more information on the AmeriCorps Watershed Ambassador Program, please visit:

Photo-Ismail Sukkar (l) and Alexis Bowman (r)